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Rubber Plant

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Name: Rubber Plant

Quick Facts:

Pot Size: 12cm

Height: 35-40cm

Botanical name: Ficus Elastica  

Common name: Rubber Plant / Rubber Tree

Bio: This retro staple is back with a vengeance, made popular by its easy to care, forgiving nature and beautiful glossy oval leaves that in the wild can grow metres wide! The rubber plant will brighten up any home as a prominent statement, corner piece. 

Care Guide:

Light: Indirect sunlight only

Watering: Water when the top two inches of the soil becomes dry. Ensure soil isn’t soggy, as this could encourage root rot. You’ll know if it’s overwatered if leaves begin to drop.

Humidity: Regularly mist the leaves, they will absorb the water and enhance its beautiful green colour.

Temperature: 16-24 degrees 

Air Purifying: It will help clean the air in your home!

Pet-Friendly?: This plant is toxic if consumed.

Additional Information: Your rubber plant may lose some leaves after it has been delivered. Don’t worry! This is just the plant adjusting to its new environment; this is especially likely in winter.